Learn about Automated Print-Mail

What is Automated Print-Mail?

Automated Print-Mail allows you to efficiently trigger high quality, personalized cards in response to events in your business. Now you can easily thank a client for their recent purchase, wish them a happy birthday, remind them about an upcoming appointment or even entice them with a reactivation promo.

How does it work?

  1. Create or upload a card design to your Amazingmail account that will be mailed out based on reoccurring event triggers.
  2. Assign variables to text that changes with each recipient.
  3. Save the card and generate a sample data submission file for testing purposes.
  4. Configure the system that holds your customer address data to automatically trigger a data submission file (that mirrors the sample file) to our API when qualifying events occur.
  5. Amazingmail prints and mails the cards you requested via your data submissions the next business day - no minimum.

How do I get started?

Contact us to enable your Amazingmail account for Automation and follow the steps outlined above.

Amazingmail makes personalized marketing
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Use Case: Customer Retention

Possible Uses for Automated Print-Mail