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What is Automated Direct Mail?

Automated Direct Mail allows you to efficiently send high-quality, personalized postcards in response to events in your business. Linking your CRM or marketing automation platform to our API gives you the ability to easily thank a client for their recent purchase, wish them a happy birthday, remind them of an upcoming appointment or even entice them with a reactivation promo.

It's all 100% white labeled to preserve your brand identity. Use Automatic Direct Mail to send:

  1. Appointment Reminders
  2. Thank You For Purchase
  3. Customer Reactivation
  4. Welcome / On-boarding
  5. Patient Recare
  6. Birthday / Anniversary
  7. Shopping Cart Abandonment Retrieval
  8. User Signup Response
  9. White-labeled Postcard Fulfillment
  10. and more...

What makes Automated Direct Mail valuable?

Event-triggered marketing achieves at least 5x the response rate of traditional campaigns. Customer behavior and purchase patterns determine the optimum time to reach out with personalized communication to better meet customers' needs.

Automated Direct Mail reinforces retention strategies and engages customers in multiple ways that improves the rate of success and keeps your business top of mind.

How does it work?

Once your CRM or marketing automation platform is plugged in to Amazingmail's API, sending direct mail is easy.

  1. Design a postcard - Identify the communication you would like to trigger and design a corresponding postcard.

  2. Set your triggers - Set-up your CRM or marketing automation platform to send data to Amazingmail based on customer behavior and purchase patterns.

  3. Data is sent to Amazingmail - When your customer's activity triggers your CRM or marketing automation platform, their address information is sent to our API and a personalized postcard is created.

  4. Postcard is printed and mailed - Amazingmail prints and mails the customer's postcard the next business day to ensure that it arrives quickly to have maximum impact.