Use these tips to make your business mailing as effective as possible.

If you have a group of people who need to send direct mail, we can help. Our web-based solutions will help you centralize your direct market programs and keep your team on message.

A direct mail portal is a powerful tool for:

  • Your sales team
  • Franchisees
  • Association members
  • Affiliate & channel partners
  • Regional marketers

Amazingmail offers two types of portals. PoweredBys are a white label version of the same self-service design and mailing tools you see on this site. Custom Portals can be developed to the unique needs of your organization. These options are explained in further detail below.


If you need to empower your people to order direct mail on a site with your brand, need a card gallery or a special revenue sharing arrangement, a PoweredBy site is the answer. We'll take our direct mail tools and rebrand them to become yours. A PoweredBy features:

  • Your branding
  • A proven direct mail tool
  • Your card gallery (optional)
  • Custom explanatory pages
  • The ability to lock down steps of the design process
  • Single-signon integration with your system

A PoweredBy takes approximately 15 business days to set up. There is a setup fee, which varies according to your anticipated usage.

PoweredBy Example

Custom Portals

Amazingmail has designed and launched custom solutions for organizations ranging from a Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company to a grassroots nonprofit cause. We'll work with you to determine your needs and develop a plan to deliver the right solution.

Customizations might include:

  • A different design experience
  • Integration with your systems for address lists, etc
  • Integration of email or other communication tools
  • Support of alternate methods of payment
  • Enforcement of business rules (budgets, etc)
  • Custom reporting

The creation of a Custom Portal is a significant effort and involves development costs. We'll work with you throughout the project to ensure a good fit, timely delivery and training to prepare your team to run a successful program.

As a final option, many of our partners choose to build their own application, and then pass the mailing data generated there to our Automated Print-Mail system for fulfillment.