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Amazingmail began as a site that allowed consumers to send photo postcards to friends and family. Businesses quickly realized that the same process could be used to greatly simplify the process of sending their direct mail campaigns.

Since those beginnings, Amazingmail has developed into industry-leading direct mail solutions provider. We offer self-service and full-service direct mail, Automated Print-Mail and direct mail portals.

Amazingmail is unequalled in the digital direct mail marketing space. Leveraging its U.S. Patented No. 6,732,152, Amazingmail can produce a superior mail piece in record time, efficient in quantities as few as one. The promise of true one-to-one marketing has finally arrived.

"In an increasingly crowded and aggressive market, we provide the services that allow our customers to stay competitive. That means providing the highest quality products available anywhere, customized to the client's needs, mailed the next day, all in order to maximize their ROI." - Danielle Stiehl, CEO

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