Common Uses for Pop-up Direct Mail & Perforated Coupon Printing

  • Direct mail with pop-out business card or offer
  • Easy tear-off coupons, offers or entry forms
  • Tear-off Business Reply Mailer

Small Feature - Big Impact

You’re far more likely to improve your direct mail response rates by encouraging people to interact with pop-out and perforated postcard mailers. Encourage interaction with your mail piece when you use a perforated postcard piece to include a tear-off coupon or mail-in entry form.

Success Stories

“Customers were thrilled with the pop-out card...they said it made it so nice to just tote the card with them to the store...And again, many many comments of the mail piece really sticking out in the mailbox."

“Amazing Mail has been great with coming up with new ways to engage our target audience with providing tear-off tickets that our prospects bring to events. The response rates have improved in some campuses over 50% due to this new creative style. It has helped our campuses increase enrollments which is our ultimate goal.”

“Amazing Mail has exceeded our expectations in every way. They have great customer service, quality products and great communication. We love being able to customize our cards with pop-outs, scratch offs and personalization that adds an extra touch to our cards. Thanks Amazing Mail staff for making our experiences easy, enjoyable and AMAZING.”