Engaging Variable Data

Most marketers know that personalized direct mail helps to increase response rates – by 36 percent in most cases. With Amazing Mail’s industry-leading systems and software, you can easily personalize any aspect of your direct mail piece with variable data printing (VDP) services. Separate your custom direct mail postcards from the crowd with personalized text and images, helping to make your pieces both eye-catching and relevant to your recipients. With our variable data printing business cards, you can personalize your tailored mailers based on preferences and purchasing patterns of your users, prompting them to take action when the time is right. With tailored text and visuals created with our variable data printing services, your direct mail is no longer advertising, but a message to an individual.

Add A Personal Touch, Free of Cost

Creating personalized direct mail doesn’t have to be difficult. Thanks to Amazing Mail’s marketing mail templates and online designer, adding variable printing data to any personalized direct mail campaign is quick, easy and free of cost. By using carat bracket notation (i.e. Dear ^First^) from within our online text tool, for example, you can insert data placeholders that will be populated by the data in your mailing list. All you need to do is set up the foundation and our custom mailing service will take care of the rest.

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Grab Attention with
Personalized Images

Help your variable printing postcards become more than simple advertising. By leveraging DirectSmile’s patented Image Personalization software, Amazing Mail gives you the opportunity to add a unique “cool factor” that will grab anyone’s attention and fuel better response rates. This technology allows you to seamlessly add your customer’s name in image form within your personalized direct mail to virtually any background photo. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination. Best of all, our variable data printing services for personalized images are free of charge with your mailing of 250 cards or more. There are direct mailers, and then there are custom mailers from Amazing Mail.

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Success Stories

"I got the most beautiful call from an elderly donor who had just gotten the card and wanted to know if there was a real plaque at UNCF with his name on it. I told him that there was not. There was only his name on a plaque in our hearts. He said, "Okay then. I was just wondering. I was thinking, "Imagine. UNCF has a plaque with my name on it. Wow! I will continue to contribute because you are one of my favorite charities."

“Because of the different ways Amazing Mail has provided multi-level marketing such as turnkey postcards with variable printing, coupons and Admit Two passes I would highly recommend adding Amazing Mail to your vendor roster. Amazing Mail has been nothing short of stellar for Lincoln and the campuses we represent.”

“The quality of the print materials is superb and the personalization features are really powerful! AmazingMail has really made an impact in our communication efforts.”