Open API Integration

Our automated direct mail is tailored to the individual. Integration with your CRM, customer databases or marketing automation platform could not be more simple with our open direct mail API. When a trigger is activated, your customer’s information is sent to our API and a personalized postcard is created by our postcard marketing system. With our automated marketing solutions, you’ll never miss an opportunity due to unnecessary delays or sluggish turnarounds. Your cards are printed and individually mailed the next business day. Plus, no minimum for our automatic card sending service.

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Send Your Automated Mail Without Worry

With our automated mailing service, you can leave the heavy lifting to us. Set up event triggers using your CRM or marketing automation platform and send highly relevant, individually personalized direct mail as easily as you would send an email. Using our direct mail system, you can be both proactive and reactive, letting your customer's behavior and activity determine when your custom mail solution will be the most relevant and receive a higher response.

Nurture, Retain, and Grow Your Customer Base

Our automated marketing solutions will take your direct mail marketing to the next level. With Amazing Mail, we give you a scalable ability to thank customers for their recent purchases, wish them a happy birthday, remind them of an upcoming appointment or even entice them with a reactivation promo. Using automated direct mail to stay connected to your customers means that your company will always be at the top of their mind, leading to higher retention rates, increased sales, and greater brand awareness.

Success Stories

Postcard on the Run “Amazingmail has been a great fulfillment provider for our printing needs. I can't think of a time where the API has had issues and when we've had questions or concerns the folks there were quick to reply and helpful. I definitely can highly recommend their services.”

“The automation that is possible with Amazingmail is astounding. If you'd like to automate your business, put this tool in your marketing toolbox. I just love it!”

“Amazingmail has done an excellent job in delivering cards that carry our message directly to the hearts of our donors.”